Proposal for the redevelopment of the former Chivers Factory into a quality new apartment development

The site is a derelict factory off the Malahide Rd on the north side of Dublin

It is less than 300 metres to the Malahide Rd and the city centre is just 20 mins travel time by public transport

The total area of the site is 9 acres, encompassing 6 acres of now zoned residential land and 3 acres of park land on the banks of the Santry River.

In the past the site has been a jam factory, which would have involved numerous HGV movements in and out of the site throughout the day. No alternative industry choose to locate here over the last 20 years, despite the efforts of the current owners to attract them.

The site being set in a residential area was rezoned by DCC in 2018.



What we now have is an excellent opportunity to create a great place to live.

The site is 6 acres of residential land and 3 acres of parkland. The potential to do something great is there:

The site is less than a 5 minute walk from the Malahide Road with its links to DART, city centre and beyond. The connectivity is the jewel in the crown of this area, with one of the best bus routes in the entire city passing along the Malahide Rd.

The ability to create an affordable Private Rented product is the cornerstone of this development. The aspirations of the developer is to create a residential product that is not only a great place to live but also affordable. Key factors in making this a great development are:

  • Affordability of units
  • Units are offered to the government and DCC
  • Units are generous in size with outdoor space
  • Ancillary Facilities
  • The mix of units creates a community, for young, old, single and families alike

The facilities offered to residents are unequalled across the city. Facilities provided aim to be functional, educational, leisure and employment creating. The level of facilities allows residents to engage in self progression, education, development and creates a community.

This is a scheme for all demographics, where the government will be offered units under the Enhanced Leasing Scheme and where OAP’s can live in a sheltered and caring environment surrounded by a mixed community.

This is a functional PRS scheme that is specifically created to alleviate the current Housing Crisis. Tenancies will be on a long term basis depending on the tenants needs and desires, typically being of 5-10 years duration.



What we have

  • 9 acre site with 6 acres of zoned residential

This will allow us

  • Develop a new park, new facilities (educational, child care, adolescent, sports and recreational) and a new riverside park
  • Creation of 495 residential units on long term rental agreements with a broad mixture of family types and ages
  • Creation of a dense housing scheme on one of the premier bus corridors in the city
  • This will allow us to transform the quality of life for 700+ people, give them security of tenure and the ability to develope their lives within the community.

Ultimate Aim

  • We are creating a community and a lifestyle whereby the pressure of being homeless is removed. This is an affordable rental scheme, made available to social and private tenants. The plans have made provision for high quality facilities to allow people and families to educate, develop and become one as an integrated community. Breakfast clubs for example could be run on a volunteer not for profit basis from the community centre.

Together we can develop a model for social and affordable housing that works, a model that can be replicated. This is our vision and relentless aim.


Old Malahide Road, Old Malahide Rd Coolock Co. Dublin, Malahide Rd, Dublin 5, Ireland